WhiskyBloke's visit to the Emerald Isle (Jameson - Teeling - Bushmills) in July 2017


Jameson Distillery Bow St. is the original site in Dublin where Jameson Irish Whiskey
was distilled until 1971.Today an Irish whiskey tourist attraction. As you might well know,
Jameson whisky is distilled in the biggest distillery in Ireland, at Midleton distillery in Cork.

Fill your own cask strenght Jameson (Black Barrel).

Strong stuff
A tourist attraction indeed

Some milestones of Jameson distillery

Old advertising

Ancient Jameson bottlings

Start of the Jameson's tour

On the tour

From left to right, Scotch whisky (Johnny Walker), Irish whiskey (Jameson) and
American whisky (Jack Daniels). This little tasting demonstrated differences
between different production methods of whisky making.

Middleton whiskies in the gift shop

Some fascinating sample bottles behind the glass.

Wall of whiskey

Fancy cask ends

Famous Bow street

Dublin landmark - The Spire of Dublin

The Brazen Head is officially Ireland's oldest pub, dating back to 1198, a must visit.
The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Teeling Whiskey Co in the heart of Dublin

Wall of fame

Beginning of the distillery tour

Mash tun...

...bubbling joyfully

Technical stuff
The Teeling potstills....

...are named after Jack Teeling's daughters: Rebecca, Natalie and Alison.

Final products

Oak from France - Calvados casks

Modern distillery looks like this today

In Nothern Ireland, Ireland's oldest distillery, Old Bushmills, est. 1608.

Useful map

Recycling in an Irish way

Old versus...


Bushmill's whiskey shop

In the horizon - the paradise island - Islay
The Giant's Causeway, about three miles northeast of the Bushmills distillery, worth to visit.


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